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TallyDekho mobile app helps the customer to access the complete Tally ERP9 data instantly at one touch, which is designed for both android and iOS mobile user. It uses Google drive to store the data rather than third party server.

The data is synced at real time and ownership and access of the data lies with the user only. Checking sales, purchase, outstanding, ledger, reports and stock data is now possible outside the workplace anytime anywhere. Now you can share the GST invoices from your mobile, which makes the app best to use with high security of the data.


TallyDekho mobile app uses the user’s Google Drive for storing data. There is no third party system as a server. Ownership and access lies with user only.

TallyDekho mobile app

The user's data is very important and TallyDekho takes care of the user's data by encrypting it with 256-bit encryption. It can not be decrypted by anyway.

TallyDekho mobile app

The data in mobile can only be accessed after scanning the QR code from the Tally ERP desktop. It gives strong security to the data.

TallyDekho mobile app

Connected devices are the mobile devices who are accessing the Tally ERP data. The complete list of the connected devices is there in the Tally ERP desktop, managed by the admin.

TallyDekho mobile app

Permissions are there in two terms, first, the data is stored and accessed with the user’s permission. Secondly, the admin can manage which accounting data should be given to the prospective device.

TallyDekho mobile app


Customized Dashboard

TallyDekho offers an amazing feature of a customized dashboard wherein you can view only those inputs that are on your priority charts. This will help you in sorting the business inputs with more easy analysis. The tally mobile app is available for all mobile users. Checking and analyzing business details were never this smooth as it has become with tally ERP 9 on mobile. Moreover, the admin can anytime keep a watch on the devices connected, and therefore, can anytime remove the device, whenever the admin desires to do so.

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Purchases & Sales

With TallyDekho ERP 9, you can analyze every minute purchase and sales records in just a click right on your mobile phone. The software is available for all the mobile users, i.e tally for ios as well as tally for android users. Moreover, you can frame sales strategies for your business as well. You can have access to your complete data of tally on mobile app. Every business’s success is driven mainly on the basis of purchases and sales made. So, it’s very important to leverage your business sales and purchases to make your business go in the right direction and TallyDekho pledges to serve you this way.

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Receipts & Payments

Keep complete track of the receipts and payments of your business in just a single click by downloading tally ERP9 on mobile. TallyDekho app lets you have complete access to the business receipts and payment reports for a particular period as per your requirement so as to provide clear-cut visibility about the receipts and payments for efficient management of business operations. The best part is you can share the details with your teammates and others as well. Get your tally mobile app today and keep a regular watch on all inputs.

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Accounts Receivables & Payables

Receivables refer to the amount that customers owe to your business and payables refer to the amount that your business owes to the suppliers. By integrating TallyDekho (tally ERP 9 for mobile free download) into your business, you can keep a check on both the accounts. Tracking and keeping watch on business inputs were never this easy. You can now have access to complete tally on mobile in just a few clicks. Thus, our tally mobile app helps you in estimating the business’ current asset position. Get your tally mobile app today.

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View and keep a regular check on account ledgers of all the companies and suppliers you’re dealing with. By downloading TallyDekho (tally mobile app free download) app, you can monitor the ledgers with different time intervals as per your requirement. Maintaining ledgers for various parties has always been a challenging task for the business people, now this problem has got a solution with tally ERP 9 on mobile wherein you check the desired ledger account of the parties and keep track of every single detail. Get your pocket tally mobile app today.

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Inventory Checks

Inventory is a very crucial aspect of every business. With TallyDekho (tally mobile app free download) app, you can get deep insights into detailed inventory items that come in and go out of business with a complete price analysis. Moreover, the date of inventory arrival and departure is also mentioned, stating the inventory quantity left in the business to be sold. With our tally mobile app, you can understand your business’ current inventory structure and thereby, make appropriate decisions thereof. Integrate your business with TallyDekho, and control everything right from your mobile.

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With TallyDekho (tally ERP 9 for mobile free download) application, you can keep a check on all your outstanding dues and expenses that your business has to pay. Our tally on mobile app lets you accomplish all the payment obligations within your estimated time stipulations with no delay at all. The way you meet your payment obligations describe your credibility in the market, thus, it becomes very important to timely meet every due.TallyDekho is a tally app for android and ios users both. Our tally mobile app assists you in monitoring the business’ payment performance so as to help you keep a check on the credibility of your business and improve it thereof.

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Reports & Graphs

TallyDekho provides full insights into the major reports like daybook, profit & loss statements for desired financial years on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You just need to get the pocket tally mobile app for your business and you’re all done. Also, you can check the balance sheet and cash flow of your business that will help in the preparation of financial statements. Apart from numerical inputs, the app provides insights with a graphical representation of the inputs facilitating easy data analysis. You can access your complete tally ERP 9 on mobile on a go. Get your app now.

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The complete data of your business is synced between your desktop and mobile phone in real-time when connected to the internet. Be it the security or speed concern, TallyDekho (tally mobile app) tries to deliver the finest security and speed to the users for a smooth and efficient analysis of business inputs. Right from sign-up to getting started with syncing of your business data, everything has been designed in the best way possible. You can anytime check the tally on mobile app right from your home and you don’t need to be at your workplace all the time. Get your tally mobile app today.

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User Friendly

TallyDekho mobile app is designed keeping the view of most users, all the screens are designed after consulting with experienced CAs and finance professionals as well as by company executives. We made it very simple to use and kept only the data you need frequently on your fingertips.

Awesome UI & UX for tally app

Awesome UI & UX

The app ensure usability, readability and appropriate icons which will give a good user experience.

Tally app technical support

Dedicated support

We have dedicated technical experts available on either phone, mail or WhatsApp chat support to take care of the customer's issues.

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Get a glimpse of TallyDekho mobile app and enjoy hassle-free business reports on mobile.


TallyDekho access all your data from Tally desktop and make it available on your fingertips. The app helps to grow your business and make intelligent decisions when you have all your business data in your hand outside the workplace. It gives the best customer experience with its features like sales, purchase and expenses figures and graphs.
The data of the customer is confidential and encrypted and is saved on the Google drive linked to the customer\'s account, which means, we do not keep your data on any third party web server and we have no access to it. Only the desktop app and mobile app communicates with your Google drive after taking access permission from you. Further, the data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption which gives strong security.
From accountants to business owners can use this app to make important decisions and stay tuned with financial status of business.
Do not worry if the trial period ends, you can purchase the subscription which would cost you less than a cup of tea per day.

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